Some of the lawyers of the Faisalabad Bar Association were shown indulging in aerial firing to celebrate the winning of their candidates in the Bar Elections on a television channel.

It was shocking to see the very custodians of the law indulging so blatantly and brazenly in violating the law right in the vicinity of the courts and offices of the civil administration. Of all the people it is least expected of the lawyers to defy the law so openly and unabashedly. The lawyers are well aware of this legal restriction and anyone committing such an offense does it knowingly, thus completely disregarding the law enforcing agencies. Their crime is not an ordinary crime but a premeditated and willful violation of law and must, therefore, be dealt with according to the constitution. The perpetrators must be tried by a court of law and if found guilty given an exemplary punishment to act as a deterrent to others.


Rawalpindi, January 14.