ISLAMABAD        -       Umer Farooq stunned Umer Khan in the semifinals of the 12th Jubilee Insurance U-21 National Junior Snooker Championship 2020 here at Pakistan Sports Complex Snooker Hall on Wednesday. In other semifinal, Haris Tahir beat Saad Khan to set final date with Umer. In the first semifinal, Punjab’s Umer routed compatriot Umer Khan 5-2, as he lost the first frame 31-60 but then played well and won the second frame 53-38, third 62-15, lost the fourth and fifth 42-53 and 32-79 and won the sixth 51-40 and seven 73-1. In the second semifinal, Haris Tahir thumped Saad Khan 5-2, winning 30-62, 80-5, 85-6(85), 71-24, 72-34, 15-64, 75-41. Earlier in the QFs, Haris Tahir beat Shahzaib Malik 4-2, Saad Khan beat Imran 4-2, Umer Farooq beat M Mudassir 4-2 and Umer Khan beat Ahsan Ramzan 4-0.