Sindh Minister for Education Pir Mazahar-al-Haq has announced that those officials who humiliate teachers would be taken to task and the primary teachers would be promoted. These announcements are refreshing; but my only request to the minister is to act on these policy statements with political will. The teachers who show lethargy in performing their duties should be sacked. But the officials, who compel dedicated and regular teachers to abandon teaching by transferring them away from their homes, just because they don't pay a monthly nazrana to the concerned officials, should also be held accountable. We welcome the inclusion of honorable Ibrahim Joyyo in the Curriculum Development Committee. At the same time, we also insist that primary teachers from rural areas should also be included, or at least their input must be sought through mail or their representatives. Several leaders of Primary Teachers Association, besides working for the welfare of teachers, are also performing their duties with honesty. -GULSHER PANWHER, Taluka Johi, District Dadu, via e-mail, July 8.