MUMBAI - In almost 200 years at its St Johns Wood home, Lords cricket ground has hosted countless unforgettable records. From Ashes successes to World Cup finals, 2000th Test of the history of the game, 100th Test between England and India, millions of people have witnessed Test matches that will live long in their memory. But this summer, a new milestone in the history of the grand old ground will be reached when the home of cricket hosts its first ever wedding. "Lord's has recently been granted with a wedding licence which means couples may marry in the Writing Room or the Long Room," Clare Skinner MCC Media Manager said from Lord's. "Lord's will offer a unique venue for couples who wish to marry at the 'Home of Cricket and we believe this will be popular with our MCC Members and the public," she added. Neil Nicholson and Kelli Fish will be the first couple to get married at Lord's on Saturday (August 6). "The wedding on August 6 is our first confirmed booking, but if another couple wished to marry at Lord's before this date then they would be able to subject to availability, but the weddings will not take place on match days," Skinner said. "The couple may use the dressing rooms prior to the ceremony to get ready and enjoy a glass of champagne. The happy couple will also receive a pair of tickets to a future Test match," Skinner added. It is not known whether the former England player Andrew Flintoff would be invited for the occasion, but Mr Nicholson and Miss Fishs big day may never have taken place at Lords had it not been for Andrew 'Freddie Flintoff and the five wickets he took to give England victory against Australia in 2009. The couple first saw the match together at Lord's and were inspired by Flintoff's performance. The another couple to marry at Lord's will be Peter Waxman, the Head Physiotherapist of the Middlesex County Cricket Club, and an Indian girl. "The marriage is in November this year. I have worked at Lords for the past five years. It is a place steeped in cricketing history and it is also a place where I have made a lot of friends. It is a beautiful venue and has a wealth of experience in hosting events," the physio said exclusively from London. "The sanctity of Lords is by no means lost. The ground provides the perfect backdrop for the couples special day and the history and tradition of Lords mean it is a wonderful place for a couple to celebrate," the Lord's Media manager added. And yes, both the couples would obviously want the guests to come 'appropriately dressed.