LAHORE King of Ghazal Mehdi Hassan is gradually recovering from his ailment to a great appeasement of millions of fans all over the world. To the satisfaction of doctors and his relatives, Mehdi Hassan has regained consciousness to recall his past moments besides recognising his dear ones from the face. But, still he can not speak. A slight movement has started in his right hand and right foot, thanks God a positive sign about the start of his recovery. This has been revealed by Sajjad Mehdi, son of Mehdi Hassan in a telephonic conversation to this scribe here on Friday. Sajjad told that in year 2000, his mother had died. At that time, his father was in Dubai tour and when he returned he could not bear the loss of my mother and took it to his heart strongly. Thus in the same evening, he suffered attack of paralysis in his right arm and right leg. He was taken to Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore, where he was treated for 15 days. From that time till now he has been confined to bed and wheelchair. Sajjad told then, in 2001, his father was taken to Karachi and was admitted in Aga Khan Hospital after his health deteriorated. From that time till now his fathers treatment has been continuing. Now he has been treated and looked after at home. Liquid food has been giving to Khan Sahib. He said due to improper nourishing and chest infection he had become very weak. Whenever his father recalls his mother he weeps like children, he added. Besides paralysis my father has also developed sugar, blood pressure and has also infection in his breathing. Now after every 15 days he goes to Aga Khan Hospital for physiotherapy and exercise of his right arm and right leg. He said Khan Sahib has Rs 60,000 to 70,000 expenditures of his ailment monthly and Govt of Sindh was bearing all the expenditures of his father. The doctors said that Khan Sahib can further improve if he shows a little courage. Sajjad revealed that in 2007, he, his wife and his father had performed Umrah together. He has requested the people to pray for the health of his father. He said his father wanted to come to Lahore, and he will bring him in Lahore, whenever doctors will allow him to travel. Sajjad also revealed that the Indian government offered to his father many times to come and stay permanently in India with many privileges. As his father is a true patriotic, so he always refused Indian offers, because his father wanted to live and die in his won country, Pakistan.