I usually go to theatre after a film does its first week to avoid the elbow wrestle. With Bajrangi Bhaijan it was different because I went on the third day of Eid and got my kurta torn apart in order to get a ticket. Here's why: the previous day I noted the argument between Ahmed Qureshi and Fakhr-e-Alam on twitter, in which the Kuwaiti blue eyed boy of the military took on the now Dubai blue eyed boy of the same org on letting Bajrangi Bhaijan be released in Pakistan because of its anti-Pakistan agenda. 

Fakhr suggested earlier that Ahmed should watch the film because the whole panel sat through the screening and mutually decided to let the film air in Pakistan. Ahmed was clearly not convinced so Fakhr had to tell him that ISPR also watched the film before it got the clean chit. 

Ahmed, for some reason was not privy to this information. (Though this was something Ahmed should have known since ISPR is Pakistan’s biggest production house. They have taken this task on themselves to watch all the films coming to Pakistan and produce TV dramas, songs and movies from our tax money). Thus Fakhr’s tweet proved to be a shut up call for him. Alas, not for long! In the evening, Ahmed did his show against the film which further fueled my curiosity to watch the film immediately since I couldn’t figure out how ISPR could let an anti-Pakistan film see the light in the land of the pure.

As expected, I saw the film and found (literally) nothing against Pakistan, which put me into a dilemma. From Haroon ur Rasheed – who is still supporting Gen. Kyani even after it is obvious that the new army leadership has not only disowned the General but are in fact after him in a certain way – to Ahmed Qureshi who is condemning ISPR's approval of the release of this flick, the boot-walas are having one hard time controlling the jokers they have created to please themselves. I can only wish them luck when it comes to the real monsters. 

As for the film, no spoilers, but I must announce that I have made a list of the biggest flukes in the world, Mian Nawaz Sharif being only second on the list. The names did fluctuate up and down but somehow Sallu Bhai always remained on top because of the gods being on his side. This film of his, however, reminded me of the old saying that there’s a reason why God created everything and everybody. And I think Bajrangi Bhaijan was the raison d’etre for Sallu Bhai’s birth. 

Thank you Sallu bhai and the cast/crew for this film.