The other day a friend told me that a male acquaintance of hers wanted to go for a movie with her, but since she was not available she apologized and said that he can go on his own; she would download the movie later and watch it.

But then, he asked her to ask a friend of hers to go with him.

That’s when the line was crossed. My friend said she was sure he would not mind if his sister goes out with his male friend when they have no female friend to accompany them. The last message she got from him was: ‘Go to hell’.

What is the first thing that comes to one's mind when one hears the word ‘woman’ in our society?

That she is behind all the ills of the society, needs to be kept in limits, has beauty but no brains, is an object to pass time with, or if nothing more, a child producing machine!

Why is this so? What exactly has the female species done to deserve these titles?

This mindset is becoming so common in our society that people, irrespective of religion, say that Adam was thrown out of Heaven because of Eve. I don’t get this logic: being a human he, too, had a mind in which the ‘names of things’ had been stored by God. Why did he not use it? Especially when both of them were not supposed to touch the forbidden fruit – why blame it on Eve?

A few days ago I was reading someone’s comment on a news site that women should not be speaking in public matters especially on the topic of Islam as Allah has made them unclean for seven days anyway. Do they not realize that their offspring’s and heirs exist only because women were given this natural cycle of “uncleanliness”?

When it comes to taking decisions at home, it is commonly seen that the last word is of the man, be it the father, husband or son. Why? A renowned author says that women are stubborn and never listen to any other logic apart from their own! What if the same thing is said about men? Most of the economic losses in families happen due to men, even when their wives, mothers, sisters tell them not to do something they do it, which has a lasting impact on the family – sometimes even generations suffer due to a single folly of theirs.

And yes they all crack lame jokes about wives and how they torture their husbands, how women make the lives of men miserable and how peaceful their lives were before getting married. But little do they understand that it’s the wife whose life has actually changed due to marriage.

Recently, Junaid Jamshed – as usual – came up with another of his masterpieces declaring women a problem. First, it was his insecurity about his wife driving a car and telling other men not to allow their wives to drive. Then it was about Hazrat Aisha. And now it’s about the name of females in the Quran. What kind of a man is he that he can’t allow his wife to drive a car because HE is insecure? If he and other sissies like him are insecure, why should their wives trust them outside the house? How many times do they come home late in the night? Who knows where they go when they are presumed to be at the office? Whatever wrong happens it’s always the female relative to be blamed, why? Why do men off load every blame from their shoulders?

And then he also comes up and gets away with an apologetic video. He should either be put behind bars like Asia Bibi and many others, or those who were jailed for charges of blasphemy should be freed, too. If Junaid Jamshed can get away with those videos, why is no one willing to listen to the others’ apologies for a thing that they have not even done? This man who claims to be on the “right” path now, after being a pop icon in his youth and enjoying all the pleasures of life, needs to be boycotted like all other Mullahs.

Junaid apologists accused me of not having heard the full version of the program so I don’t know what he is actually saying. But I don’t want to listen to any of his illogical (for me) logic because he has no respect for women. Period.

If a man in this society cannot accept criticism of his words or deeds then why should the females in this society – or anywhere in the world – put up with the nonsense of such people especially when it is coming from pop-star-turned-mullahs and their ilk?

This is the end of this discussion: you can’t manipulate logic and degrade women. Enough is enough.