Qandeel Baloch’s murder was shocking news. One big laugh was silenced forever.

Qandeel’s real name was Fauzia Azeem. At an early age she was forced to marry a man. She had a son from first marriage. She was a source of support to her family.

Qandeel Baloch lived in Multan. She got a taste of fame through social media, as she posted comments and videos in order to keep herself in the media.

She got immensely popular following her selfies with Mufti Qavi in Ramadan. She courageously took selfies and posted on social media after which a debate ensued as to whether Mufti Qavi did right or wrong. Qandeel Baloch said on a TV show:

“I have seen the real face of Muftis who imposed fatwas and claim to be religious men”

Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother Waseem.

She was brave, bold and beautiful. She wanted to see her career in a better place. She called herself a one-woman-army and fought for women’s rights, as she claimed.

Qandeel Baloch was shortlisted for Big Boss Season 10 in early June. Both nations’ citizens wanted to see her in BB Season 10. She was excited about it as well.

She had been supporting her family. Her brother knew Qandeel’s job well – as to what and how she did her work.

Questions and doubts come in our minds regarding the actual cause for her killing. Was it only honour killing? Or was the pretext of honour used in order to murder her?

Her brother Waseem confessed that he killed his sister Qandeel. One of the TV channels of Pakistan telecasted live press conference of the murderer along with Police authorities. The channel was quoted as saying that:

“Strangely, the police was giving answers instead of Waseem.”

Questions and doubts are still there. A stranger was present at home at the time of her murder. The First Information Report did mention a single line of threats as she has complained about someone threatening her. But who was it?

We should draw out as to how some events shaped up leading to controversies.

She met Mufti Qavi in June and took selfies which led to a controversial debate. But she managed to answers all questions.

It was reported that Qandeel had received death threats on June 28, 2016.

She did not remain silent and issued a request to Pakistan government:

“Please give me a security because my life and family are under threat.”

 Why did the government ignore her request? What were reasons behind the threats that she received?

Some sides think Qandeel was brave and bold. Had she participated in BB season 10, she might have talked about things which could have turned into controversies. So, it might not acceptable to many groups.

Another line of thought says that she was a lady who exposed a face of molvis in Pakistani society. Hence, it was unacceptable to conservative minds and indigestible for the mufti whose double-standards had been exposed.

But Qandeel Baloch was killed using the sword of honour. Doubters question why her brother suddenly killed her in the name of honour…

Following the murder of Qandeel Baloch, Mufti Qavi said:

“People can learn a lesson from the fate of this woman who had accused me falsely.”

Mufti Qavi’s tone is threatening.

Yes, more than 100 women have been murdered in the name of honour. Yes, women cannot breathe freely because this sword hangs over their head.

But as we know, when people want to achieve or gain anything, they have the readymade excuse to kill women in the name of honour.

Therefore, the onus is on Pakistani courts to reveal the actual cause of her killing and whether or not it was killing in the name of honour.