LAHORE - The two-day cultural show of Dera Gazi Khan under the Colours of Punjab programme concluded here at the Lahore Arts Council on Monday.

The event was organised by the Information and Culture Department of the Government of Punjab. People from all walks of life participated in the event and made it memorable.

Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Ather Ali Khan has said that solid steps are being taken to promote the beautiful culture of the province as directed by the chief minister of Punjab. He said Dera Gazi Khan was the foundation of this initiative and people in large numbers participated in the event. More programmes will be conducted to enhance beauty of other areas, he said. “Our beautiful areas and culture belongs to distinctive historical traditions and got distinction in contemporary world and to promote it is need of the time. Dera Gazi Khan cultural show has promoted the passion of unity, harmony and corporation,” he said.

Executive Director of the Punjab Art Council Rai Saman said the Government of Punjab was taking solid step to promote culture like other professions. The Dera Gazi Khan show will be helpful in making the province more peaceful, he said. More cultural shows will be conducted because of a people’s interest, he said.