LAHORE - Pakistan karate team set a unique example by presenting a cash award out of their cash prize to their coach to acknowledge his contribution in inspiring the team to winning ways in the 13th edition of Asian Games in Nepal. The team collected 6 percent from their cash prize and presented it for their coach Shah Muhammad Shan, said PKF spokesman here on Wednesday. Pakistan Sports Board awarded cash prize to the winners of 13th South Asian Games Nepal and unfortunately, the coaches were not awarded any cash prize. “Keeping coach Shah Muhammad Shan contribution in boosting team’s performance, our team took a collective decision to recongnise his efforts and hard work,” he said. Pakistan karate team performed exceptionally during the 13th South Asian Games by winning 6 gold, 8 silver and 5 bronze medals (the highest gold medals winning team of Pakistan contingent). “The PKF has also awarded Rs 100,000 cash award to the coach,” he said. He said PKF Chairman Muhammad Jahangir awarded the cash prize of Rs 750,000 collected by karatekaz and Rs 100,000 from the federation to the coach. Jahangir has also appreciated the performance of Pak karate team and the services of coach, he added.