Everyone keeps blaming ‘terrorist’ for bomb blasts and killing and also saying that they belong to Taliban, what I am unable to understand is, are the Taliban not Muslims? How can a Muslim kill another at a funeral? I see the hand of non-Muslims in this nefarious game. Let’s stop blaming them and look for the real culprit. Has anyone tried to find out the truth?The attack was cowardly and un-Islamic killing an MPA Mr Imran along with his brother at a funeral. I strongly condemn the incidence and brutal killings of the mourners. I think these people have no fear of Allah. They are mercenaries, killers of humanity. The suicide bomber responsible for taking innocent lives will go straight to hell. Whosoever is responsible for this savage and barbarous act must be brought to justice, May Allah rest the departed souls in peace. The government and police authorities should look at the evidence and come up with better security measure general peace and security. JAVAID BASHIR, Lahore, June 20.