KARACHI - The Academy of Excellence for Asian Writers (AEAW) has selected the newly published poetry book “Mohabbat Roshni Hai” (Love is Light), by Nasim Nazish, in the best 10 books of the year 2014.

This is her very first written literary endeavour, which contains best ghazals of her collection. Her poetry depict the serious issues of the present time. The book also contains the views of the eminent scholars on the poetry and personality of Nasim.

Nasim Nazish is the life partner of the famous intellectual poet Farasat Rizvi, who is considered great narrator of ghazal and rubai (four lines poem) of this era. The names of scholars include: Prof Sahar Ansari, Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai, Prof Shahida Hasan, Mehmood Sham, Mohsin Bhopali, Dr Shadab Ahsani, Dr Rauf Parekh and Rasa Chughtai.

Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai, commenting on the poetry of Nasim Nazish, said that her poetry illustrated the true picture of the real life. “Ghazals of Nasim Nazish reveal her authority on the use of Urdu language. She can be regarded as the most prolific poet among the female poets,” he added.

The great senior poet and expert in Urdu linguistic, Sahir Lucknowi termed the book a great literary effort by Nasim Nazish, saying that her poetry deserved more admiration because the poetry was on the verge of deterioration in the country and South Asia. He said that the very literary attempt would open new vistas for other new female poets to work on the same pattern. “Nasim Nazish has made great poetic contribution in the subcontinent,” he commented.

Another new poem collection of Nasim, namely “Abhi Soraj Nahin Nikla”, is under printing process. This book would contain her poems with the critical views of Dr Khurshid Rizvi, Amjad Islam Amjad, Prof Raees Alvi and Yasmin Ahmed.