The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said on Saturday that the Judiciary will not remain silent if citizens are not given their rights. 

He was addressing a ceremony at Larkana Bar, the Chief Justice said, "We are not deprived or oppressed people. If nobody will stand for the protection of citizens' rights, it does not mean that the judiciary will remain silent too."  

The Chief Justice said that it is our [Judicial system] foremost responsibility to provide justice. He said, "The objective behind all suo motu notices is to make people aware and sensitize them."

He further said, "Do you know why there's so much backlog with the judiciary? For a moment forget about the ordinary litigation on the criminal and civil side. But are you aware of the ratio of public and administrative law litigations pending in the high court and supreme court." 

He added, "I am not blaming any political party or government, current or past, but I am sharing this with you: the [large] number of writs being lodged with the high court and supreme court are due to the administrative failure."  

The chief justice talked about the relationship between the bar and bench saying, "The bar and bench cannot be separated." 

He also noted that countries cannot achieve progress without a focus on education.