WAH CANTT   -  Former Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan warned that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government is heading towards a closed street due to its poor policies and lacks of direction to run the country.

He stated this while talking to newsmen here on Saturday. He said that no government in the past disappointed masses in so short span of time like the present rulers as they have failed at every front especially the economic front. He said that government has failed to arrest smouldering issues of unemployment and inflation. He said that political stability is the only solution of all social and economic problems of the country. Ch Nisar said that so far Prime Minister Imran Khan has failed to meet his single promise which he made with masses during electioneering.

“Imran Khan has completely disappointed me,” he added. He added that contrary to expectations, Imran Khan proved himself a conventional Prime Minister. He urged the PTI government to introduce changes that could alleviate problems of the masses, warning the present government is heading towards its downfall due to its incompetency and wrong policies. He said that not a single mega development project has so far been initiated by the present government in the country.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan also came down hard on Prime Minister Imran Khan for begging for talks with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. He said: “today we beg for talks while Indians do not want to talk with us but in the past Indians were begging for talks while the PML-N government was strong enough to ignore them”.

He said that India has portrayed their pilot as hero captured by Pakistan forces after downing his jet while we even hesitate to reveal names of the pilots who shoot down two Indian warplanes - which speaks volumes of our weakness on national issues. He said that Pakistan should establish ties with the India on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

The former interior Minister who has tightened visa policy during his tenure has opposed the PTI government plan for easing visa restrictions for foreigners by allowing visa-on-arrival facility to around 50 countries and e-visa to citizens of over one hundred countries. He said that this step would compromise “national security”.

He said that soft visa policy is not in the interest of the country. He added that unchecked inflow of foreigners on the pretext of tourists would create problems for security of the country. To a question, he said that he would continue his political career from this part of region and would decide about joining any political party at an appropriate time.