It is the important responsibility of the religious and political leadership to connect the nation with its roots and give awareness of the ideology of Pakistan to the young generation. Pakistan is the second state after Medina that came into being on the basis of the universal and everlasting ideology of Islam. No doubt, the independence of Pakistan is the miracle of 20th century.

We should be thankful to Allah Almighty for this gift. Our forefathers laid great sacrifices for the achievement of Pakistan. These sacrifices have become a significant part of our history. The nations remain alive on the solid foundation of their ideologies. The nations who forget their ideologies and the footsteps of their forefathers are wiped off the face of the earth. Pakistan is lifeless without its ideology. We should infuse this spirit and enthusiasm in our youths. So that we’ll be able to make Pakistan a peaceful and strong country. We should train and educate our coming generation in this way that they make the ideology of Pakistanthe main objective of their lives.

Pakistan Day has an important role in our national life. It reminds us the sacrifices of our forefathers that they gave for the independence of the motherland. If we want to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state then we should always remember the objectives of its achievement.  We shouldn’t forget the sacrifices of the Muslims of the sub-continent. They offered whatever they had at that time. It is the need of the hour that nation should start a movement for the completion of the aims of Pakistan like the movement of the independence. So that the conspiracies against the constitution and the ideology of Pakistan can be faced. The supremacy of the constitution is very important to run the affairs of a country.

According to a survey report Pakistan holds 98th position in the list of 102 countries regarding the implementation of law. This lawlessness generates corruption, poverty, ignorance, imbalance and extremism in the society. Without accountability there can’t be rule of law. The majority of our people do not have their basic rights because they are unaware of their rights and duties. The landlords and capitalists who are in power, they plan to deprive the people of their rights. For this purpose they try to keep them in ignorance. They divide them on the basis of language, nation and sect.

The existence of Pakistan was not aresult of a temporary enthusiasm or sensational thought. But the ideology and the model of the Islamic welfare state of Medina that was established by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was behind it. In the Islamic welfare state of Medina a common man and a ruler, both had equal rights. A woman loaded with the jewelry of silver and gold could travel fearlessly from Sanaa to Hazer Mout.That was the condition of the supremacy of law and peace. The rulers patrolled in the streets for the safety of the people. They were ready to serve the poor and the destitute. They were the servants of their people in real terms. They trembled with fear that they would be answerable to Allah Almighty and always kept themselves busy in serving the people.

The establishment of Pakistan was not mere an achievement of a state. But in the words of the Quaid-e-Azam, it was the establishment of an independent state in which Muslims could be able to spend their lives according to the principles of Islam. The Quaid-e-Azam mentioned clearly in more than 114 speeches and addresses that the constitution of Pakistan will be based on Quran and Sunnah. When he was asked about the nature of the constitution of Pakistan, he replied that there was no need of any new constitution. Our constitution was the same that was bestowed upon us by Allah Almighty 14 centuries before. The Quaid said that we wanted to get Pakistan not only for a piece of land but we wanted to get it as a laboratory for Islam where we could lead our lives according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah and could adopt Islam as a code of life. The objective of Pakistan cannot be fulfilled unless we do not act upon the sayings of the Quaid andguarantee the basic rights of the people. It also ensures the provision of basic necessities to helpless and deprived.

The welfareand prosperity of the citizens has also its importance in the constitution. The loyalty to the state is also significant. But after the creation of Pakistan, the people who were supported by Briton came into power. The freedom for which millions of lives were laid and a migration on a large scale was brought about, proved fruitless.

 The elite class that forms the Govt wants to make the people their servant.

Those who are sitting in assemblies are a major hurdle in the supremacy of law. The central point of their politics is to free themselves from every kind of restriction.

There can’t be any rule of law until the people who have power do not observe the rules. No state can be called democratic until it prefers the will of its people.

If we want to make Pakistan a welfare state we should keep in mind its objectives. La illaha …… is the basis of Pakistan. The prosperity of the country and wellbeing of our people is connected with this foundation. (The writer is Ameer Jammat-e-Islami).