Molly Noriss, the person who created this May 20 event on the Facebook social network has reportedly apologized and has backed down from this event. But since then, many other people have joined this event and have created a number of events, groups and pages on Facebook related to this blasphemous event. I agree that initially, we should do peaceful protests. But now, even after several Muslims have protested on Facebook and the administration of the site has not taken these pages off the site, Muslim states should, indeed, consider harsher action. Pakistans decision of blocking Facebook is correct. Notice that even after such strong protests by the Muslims, Facebook is not willing to withdraw from this event. A spokesman of Facebook was quoted the other day as having said We want Facebook to be a place where people can discuss and express their views while respecting the rights and feelings of others. I wonder how they are able to pretend that our feelings are not hurt by this event? I think using this website, which is allowing free abuse of our religion, should be prohibited for good in Muslim countries. We should do a complete boycott of all such websites. -HUMAYUN SHAKIL, Karachi, May 21.