President Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI), Javed hashmi Wednesday said that instead of resolving the masses problems the incumbent government is politicizing new provinces issue, adding that all stake holders must sacrifice their interest for the sake of democracy . During meeting with the PTI’s worker in Okara, hashmi said that the democracy could be harmed if all political parties, including the PPP rushed to the streets, adding that the PML-N and the PPP would be responsible for this. He said that free and transparent election should be held to pull the country out from the current crisis. “Confrontation between the PPP and the PML-N for their personal interest left the nation in darkness. No one gets any thing if the democracy is derailed in the country “, hashmi said. He demanded of the government to announce the date for general elections, adding that the government should admit its faults. He said that the nation would utilize their right in best way in general election to select good one, who would   fulfill their demands. Talking about the creation of new provinces, hashmi said that the national security could be endangered  by  the announcement regarding the creation of the new provinces in the country, adding that the situation in Punjab , Sindh and others provinces are completely different from each other. He said that announcement about the creation of Seraiki province should be made as soon as possible as it was the old demand of the people. hashmi blamed the government and its coalition for destroying the peace of Karachi, he said that the security forces had failed to restore peace in the city as operation against the criminals always left incomplete due political pressure. “  Existence of the country would be lost, if Karachi slipped from our hand, the government should adopt inflexible measure for the restoration of peace in the city”, he said.