The tragic incident in Mardan university where a charged mob lynched Mashal Khan to death shocked the nation. After few days similar mob attacks on people accused of blasphemy took place in Chitral and Hub, which were foiled by the police. The issue surrounding mob violence and blasphemy has generated a never-ending debate.

This is the height of stupidity and intolerance in our society. The educated mob in university premises and illiterate mob in streets take the laws into their hands to become judge, jury and executioner. The question is why people turn so intolerant, is it a lack of proper education or a flaw in their brought up? It is, I believe, through spread of hatred and religious bigotry that breeds disrespect and strife.

One cannot be ignorant of the fact that irrationality is fast prevailing everywhere. Irrational thought has dominated people's thoughts and brought them under it's claws. The harsh reality that besets our society cannot be glossed over as it beckons the impending danger to the days ahead. This situation will obviously steer all of us towards the worst.

What we have seen in our campuses over the past years is a steady rise in incidents of violence which emanates from increasing intolerance in our society. A lot of quarters promote hate and this has gone unchecked for decades. Indeed, it appears all sense of reason, logic and rationality is fast disappearing from this country, and even the flimsiest accusations seem to be enough to incite mob violence.

The horrific event of Mashal Khan finally galvanized with the vice chancellors of various campuses recommending tolerance lectures on weekly basis. No matter, it could be helpful to counter the rise of intolerance, but in the long run it isn't e a solution. It is useless to improve the branches if the roots go unchecked.

In a society where invaders become heroes, warfare ideology creeps in. It is a tragedy that the finer sides of history have never been revealed through our textbooks. Instead, warlords are portrayed as heroes. The curricula for public schools have promoted an isolationist mindset that glorifies wars. People of the other faiths and armies are portrayed as cowards and our enemies. This gives way to chauvinistic thoughts in Muslims that they are better than other nations.

If people have opinions other than that of ours they are treated with disgust. Such disgusting thought will stymie the very canons of harmony and coexistence in the society. We often blame other cultures and civilizations, but we never realize our own social and political deprivation that lies within. There is no mention of peace, pluralism, or respect for religious diversity. Instead, there is blatant glorification of wars. Because of that, it is producing dogmatic, prejudiced, misogynist individuals leading to a destructive society.

Education in religious seminaries spawns religious and cultural conflicts. It thwarts modern knowledge and breeds bigotry. War mongers easily brainwash pliable minds and use them for their evil purpose. Education policy planners cannot afford to abdicate their responsibilities. The future of new generation in Pakistan is at stake.

The government should carve out a revised curriculum, which does not promote hate, so that students can be instilled with positive ideas. It should provide enough room to discourage all those mindsets that advocate violence and hatred in the name of religion. To eschew the inevitable mob intolerance, the authorities and religious scholars should come forward to evolve an atmosphere of peace and tolerance. Positive thoughts lead to a tolerant society.