ABBOTTABAD            -          On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Muhammad Maghith Sanaullah on precautionary measures to prevent corona and im­plementation of SOPs, in which the security situa­tion during Eid, social dis­tance from corona were also discussed in detail.

The meeting discussed in detail, maintaining law and order besides im­portant decisions were taken regarding closure of tourist spots, ban on inter-district traffic, traf­fic plan for traffic flow inside the city and gath­erings and Eid prayers.

District Police Officer Javed Iqbal, Chairman DR C Lieutenant Jour­nal (Retd.) Ayaz Saleem Rana, SP Traffic Tariq Mahmood, TMO Waqas Shah settled or debit, ATM Ejaz Rahim, Dep­uty Manager of WASA Javed Abbasi, RTA and police representatives attended. It was decided in the meeting that after passing through Jumuah-tul-Widah, arrangements will be made for the Eid prayers, which would be offered in masajids as well as Eid places so that no crowds would be cre­ated and social distance would be maintained.

In addition, inter-district traffic will be banned and tourists will be barred from entering all the entry points of Ab­bottabad district, includ­ing Chamba Bridge, Mus­limabad, Qalandarabad, Tinan, Thandiani Chowk, Murree Road, Harno Bridge and Barian.

Police and TMA staff will be present at the checkpoints. Teams of 1122 staff and TM will also be present at the checkpoint and will en­sure police co-operation. All security and other staff will be provided with protective gloves, masks and other items.

For Galyat, only per­manent residents will be allowed to go be­yond Harno (black soil) only after showing their identity card. It was also decided in the meeting that heads of all depart­ments and necessary staff would be present at the station so that any Citizens are requested to maintain social distance on the occasion of Eid.

Avoid going to people’s homes, shaking hands and hugging. All tour­ists are requested to enter tourist places and streets and other places on the occasion of Eid, so to avoid any kind of troubles, tourist places should be avoided. Don’t turn around and stay at home. The staff of TMA and WASA will continue to fulfill their responsi­bilities even during Eid. However, citizens are re­quested to dispose of gar­bage only in garbage bins