By Javeria khan

Fashion Model, Jahan-e- Khalid has wowed the million hearts with his sensational persona. His piercing brown eyes and dazzling looks combined with his vigorous personality have captured the big fashion clients’ attention resulting in non-stop bookings.

Jahan-e- Khalid is a versatile man and is one of the emerging and shining fashion stars in Pakistan’s modeling world. He has also got the perfect build and height, with the photogenic and attractive looks.

The perfect figure and modeling style guts of handsome hunk Jahan-e- Khalid makes him adorable on both ramp and shoots. His charismatic personality and charm is not something artificially build but come to him naturally that makes him even more demanding. He has already proved himself as a best male model. This talented fashion model brings the outfit into life by gracing it with the charm of his persona.

In an interview with Sunday Plus , Jahan e Khalid talked about his modeling career, future ventures and much more. Have a look

Describe yourself in four words?

Perfectionist, versatile, bold, passionate

Me: Why did you decide to become a model? What inspired you to start modeling?

: I had – in fact has passion for it. Else I always wanted to be an eye candy of masses. This vision and dream was itself the only source of an inspiration to start modeling.

How would you describe your work ethic?

Discipline, perseverance, honesty, hard work, determination


What would you be doing, if you weren’t a model? What were your ultimate goals?

Mechatronics (Designing Robots) or an Automobile Engineer working for Formula One (F1). Ultimate goal is to turn into a successful entrepreneur!

How do you manage your professional life and personal life when you have loads of work?

Discipline and time management is the key to unlock the perfect balance between professional and personal life. I own this key!

Do you have any limitations?

None! Until the product/brand/designer/publication I am working for falls in A – List. No compromise on quality and goodwill.

What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

Few popular and upcoming trends in men’s wear include digital prints (Latino Joe, Jungle Botanicals, A Kaleidoscope Of Green & Blue, New-Age Warrior, Statement Pinstripes), tapered ankle high pants/trousers, checkered and pinstripes double breast jackets, slip on tassel loafers, no to socks and a classic crisp white shirt with a pair of blue jeans and brown belt will never go out of fashion. Must have!

What other projects are you working on now?


PFDC L’oreal Paris Bridal Week Lahore, Style 360 Pantene Bridal Couture Week Lahore, Fashion Pakistan Week Karachi, Edenrobe Autum/Winter Campaign, Ziggi Studio UK Fall/Winter Campaign, Cinematic Film by Jawad Bashir

What’s your biggest mistake in your career? What did you learn from this mistake?

None so far! It’s the grace of Allah Almighty that I have never fall short of anything throughout my modeling career. Despite at times when I thought I shouldn’t be part of any project or I have not performed up to the mark it turned out even better and marked its success.

What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses as a model?

Strengths: Height, facial cuts, education, good communication skills and analytical ability

Weaknesses: Unusual body measurements as I have longer arms and legs which causes trouble at times when it comes to model for ready to wear outfits.

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself in next five years?

I have achieved loads in a very short span of time. Right from winning an award for Best Male Model of the year to representing Pakistan at an International Fashion Week and being a Brand Ambassador of an international brand were dreams come true. Yet I want to work more at international arena unveiling my true potential and making Pakistan proud. I am looking forward to improve modeling standards in Pakistan by teaching aspiring individuals through grooming courses. Not only this, I will try my level best to groom our Nation and being an Educationalist and having prior experience in the field of education I might come up with a subject/course at grassroots level. I see myself as an entrepreneur come Super Model come an Actor in next five years.

What motivates you? Are you self motivator?

Yes I am a self motivator. Else I have this habit of keeping myself updated with new modeling and fashion trends. I always do my homework before every project and studying international trends motivates me do better every time and come up with something never seen before.

What is your style MANTRA?

“Metrosexual”. I am into high end smart casual, formal and classy menswear. Right from outfits to accessories and styling I represent a true gentleman of high stature.

Are you brand conscious? What are your favourite local and international brands?

Jahan: No, I am not brand conscious. Most of my wardrobe is tailor made. Though I love the ideology of designing patterns and cuts of various brands but it’s always about persona not just clothes.

Mostly people see modeling as a glamorous world and thinks it’s a very easy job. How would you comment on this?

Indeed it is glamorous with mouth watering perks in it but I doubt it’s a “very easy job”. Everything has its price tag attached to it so does modeling. It requires loads of investment in terms of hard work, dedication, time, passion and sacrifice to get to a recognizable and respectable position like any other field of work.

With so many fashion weeks taking place where do you see our fashion industry now? Do you think we are on the level to compete with others?

No doubt Pakistan is holding 6 major fashion weeks annually yet it needs to improve the structure to make it even better and profitable. Pakistan fashion industry has grown at a rapid rate and is still heading forward at a fast pace. With Pakistani designers and brands participating in leading fashion weeks, fashion exhibitions and being nominated for leading fashion awards all across the world is an indication of Pakistan being accepted at global arena and we are slowly and gradually turning into an inspirational value added international industry. Being part of it is an honor!

What are pre-requisites to be a successful model in Pakistan?

Falling in standard SOPs of modeling, being smart and humble, honesty with your profession, confidence and believe in yourself and Allah Almighty.

There is so much competition in the industry, in this situation how one can manage to stay in demand?

By being versatile with working style and outlooks, developing right strategies and implement at right moments, constant hard work, showcasing ones strengths to full potential and minimise errors and weaknesses if any. I take my each and every project as it is my last one where I have to look and act “The best ever!”

Any message for the readers? 

“Nothing succeeds like success” and “Perseverance commands success”. Memorise these development goals and work day in day out to achieve them. Everything is possible only if you stay patient and focused despite any failure or success. Believe in yourself and Allah Almighty will take you places.


You bust your stress by…? Exercise and spending quality with best pals and loved ones –

Biggest regret…? Couldn’t pursue my higher education in Auto-mobile Engineering in Canada due to family crises

A crazy holiday memory…? Holiday at one of world’s amazing beach cities Mombassa, Kenya with my family

Most beautiful childhood memory…? Turning Black Belt in Martial Arts, winning Gold medal in All Pakistan Martial Arts Championship at the age of 15 and making my parents proud when I received my first medal for first position in class 1 at Aitchison College

Your day starts with…? Early morning workout

Your typical breakfast…? Egg whites, barn bread and a glass of home-made juice of seasonal fruits

What gets you really mad…? Being taken for granted and lies.

I wouldn’t be caught dead with…? If ever to shoot with reptiles simply can’t stand them

How would you define success…? Accomplishing one’s aims

Favorite fragrance…? Allure Homme Sport, Terre Hermes, Aqua Di Pharma, Tom Ford & Aqua Di GIO

A good mood changer…? Listening to my favourite piece of music

Most Desi thing about you…? I love our Desi Lahori nashta to bits and I go every Sunday with my friends to Old City to enjoy it

What are your achievements…? Colombo Fashion Week 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka (An Honor and proud moment for me to represent Pakistan at International Forum), Twice Nominee Lux Style Awards, Brand Ambassador of Ziggi Studio U.K (An International U.K based Fashion Brand) & Winning “Best Male Model of the Year” Award at 2nd Service HUM Awards 2014 - Your passion..? Modeling Fashion & Formula one

What inspires you..? Creativity and creative personnel

Favourite comic character… Superman

Your greatest extravagance…? My lavish and memorable trip across China

What would a man invest in…? Self grooming and turning into a thorough gentlman

Something people don’t know about you…? I am very good at counseling.