DERA GHAZI KHAN - Senior politician and PML-N stalwart Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa asserted on Saturday that Sharif Brothers instead of liking and promoting sincerity and dedication in the party, preferred flattery and sycophancy.

He revealed that he was embarking on a visit to all the four provinces to get the PML-N united and take on board all the sincere and true leaguers.

Addressing a press conference at Khosa House here, the former governor informed that he had informed Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef that due to his dictatorial attitude the PML-N was on the verge of division in DG Khan district like other parts of Punjab. He said that he would unveil the facts when he would receive show cause notice but first the Prime Minister should remove rather than replacing the inept ministers from his cabinet.

Strongly criticizing the government, Mr Khosa said that the policies of the current government had been badly failed while the graph of poverty and crimes was going up. “Dedicated workers and office bearers are much annoyed and worried about this critical situation,” he pointed out, adding that those who part of Peraz Musharraf’s team under the banner of PML-Q were now with Sharif brothers and enjoying treasury benches, adding that there was no policy for the education and health department while the Chief Minister who claimed himself as Khadim Aala could not change the police and thana culture.

The PML-N stalwart informed that he had told the chief minister that he had divided the PML-N into Qaisrani group, Khosa group and Leghari group as for as DG Khan district was concerned.

He also strongly criticized Shahbaz Sharif for “what he called” making his son Hamza Shahbaz as the bigwig for all the mega projects while the common man could not get sigh of relief in the current tenure of the PML-N government.

Mr Khosa said that despite the PML-N government in the Centre and Punjab, the south Punjab was not being made independent province.

Former Punjab CM Sardar Dost Mohammad Khosa was also present on the occasion.