ISLAMABAD - The provincial leadership of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has claimed to have gathered over 0.1 million people in Peshawar on Sunday. One of the organisers has claimed that the number of people who attended the gathering could have been much higher if there were no barriers on roads across the province. While talking to The Nation, Jamiat Ulema- e-Islam (JUI) senior leader Abdul Jalil Jan said that as many as over 1 lakh people gathered in Peshawar Jalsa on Ring Road.  He claimed that workers from across the province had come to Peshawar to support the PDM and reject the PTI government. Haji Ghulam Ali, a former JUI Senator, said that despite the enforced blockage of roads by the government, a record turnout was witnessed at the gathering. 

He maintained that such huge gathering of people in Peshawar proved that people of Pakistan wanted to get rid of the PTI government. Meanwhile, Awami National Party senior leader and spokesperson of the party Samar Haroon said that she cannot give exact figures, but some reports suggested a very high number of people in the gathering.

She maintained that there had been no mobile signals in Peshawar so they were not able to find fix number; however it was a really very huge gathering of people in Peshawar, she said.

It must be noted that despite the non provision of NOC by the Peshawar administration due to a sudden spike in Covid19 cases in Peshawar district, PDM held a very huge gathering.