VEHARI PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that 180 million people of Pakistan should support him to let recurring of a revolution like that of 15th March with a view to effecting a change in the destiny of this nation. Nawaz Sharif was addressing PML-N local workers Thursday after condoling with MNA Tehmina Daultana the death of her husband Zahid Anwar Wahla. He was accompanied by his wife Begum Kalsoom, CM Punjab Advisor Raja Ishfaq Sarwar, MNA Rana Mehmoodul Hassan, Saeed Mehdi and others. Nawaz said: It is shameful that we are holding a begging bowl despite being an atomic power. He said the dictator has earned billions by surrendering our sovereignty, and now the nation should question about the spending of those dollars. According to him, in Pakistan the dictators have violated the law, tore the Constitution and toppled the elected government to cater to their personal whims, and they played with the nations destiny and stability, but now the people should vow that they would change their own destiny by supporting us. He thanked God and said: We have earned back what we had lost, and now our decisions are for the national integration and to uphold the dignity of the Constitution and give people their due rights. He expressed his resolve to take all-out measures against those who are undermining this country and creating chaos. Nawaz praised late Zahid Wahlas services to the party and said he remained resolute in hard times. He also lauded Tehmina for her strong stance during the nine years of dictatorship. Online adds: Nawaz said one-man rule leads the country to annihilation. Disasters overtake the country under one-man rule. We will have to reform ourselves, he added.