LAhore   -  Punjab Chairman Zakat & Ushr council along with renowned Pakistani Business man from Denmark Mian Tariq Javed visited Sundas Foundation, during their visit to Sundas Foundation they inquired about the health of  Thallassemia, Hemophilia and other blood disorders patients and also distributed gifts among them. They appreciated the sundas Foundation for establishing state of the art Thalassemia centre catering to the needs of thousands of people across Punjab. They lauded the screening system, advance equipment and treatment facilities under the highly trained Doctors and medical staff, they further expressed their satisfaction for extending quality treatment facilities. 

They also urged the need to have a Thallasemia carrier test before marriage so that thousands of lives could be saved and the society be freed from the fatal disease. Speaking on the occasion Ch. Bilal Ijaz Punjab chairman Zakat & Ushr council, said that, he would also extend financial assistance to Sundas Foundation from Punjab Zakat & ushr council for the treatment of the above patients and will bring its council members to the visit of Sundas Foundation.