LAHORE        -     Jamaat-i-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said that status of Kashmir will no longer remain ‘disputed’ and the region will become part of the Indian union if Islamabad fails to take decisive steps against New Delhi’s designs. In a statement on Sunday, he said people of Pakistan would never allow the government to take a U-turn on the Kashmir issue. Senator Siraj said it was high time that political parties demonstrate unity on Kashmir by setting aside their political differences. He said that national unity was even more important and powerful than having an atomic bomb. The JI chief said that none of the past governments disappointed the nation as much and as fast as the government of Imran Khan. The people had pinned a lot of hopes on the PTI because of its tall claims but it failed to fulfil even a single promise it made with the masses during the election campaign, he added. He said that unemployment and inflation were rising with every passing day and the common man was unable to earn bread and butter for family.