KARACHI    -   The heavy rains of August 2020 had inundated 519,904 acres of agricultural and barren lands in Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad divisions, of them 400,000 acres have been cleared and dewatering of the remaining area was in progress.

This was disclosed in a meeting presided over by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah here at CM House on Tuesday to review disposal of water from submerged areas and relief work going on there. Shah said that he along with Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto had visited the rain-affected areas. “The people were facing hardships and lost their near ones, cattle and homes,” he said and added he was committed to rehabilitating them. Secretary irrigation Rafiq Buriro told the Chief Minister that heavy downpour had inundated 519904.8 acres in three districts, including 199737.08 in Mirpurkhas district, 153646.29 acres in Sanghar and 166521.44 acres in Umerkot. He added that so far 400,000 acres of land had been cleared and still over 100,000 acres were being cleared.

Phuleli-Guni drainage system: The Chief Minister was told that two independent smaller drainage systems, Karo-Ghungro and Phuleli-Guni were built to provide relief to the Kotri barrage command areas. About 600,000 acres of land of Tando Muhammad Khan, Talhar, Matli and Badin Talukas was drained by this system. The area had been affected severely by water logging and salinity due to delay in remodeling and re-sectioning of the above drain. The area was more critical during the rainy season as the discharges from irrigation canals exceeds the carrying capacity of the drains. The drainage network includes, Phuleli-Guni Outfall Drain, Matli Branch Drain, Tando Muhammad Khan Branch Drain, Tando Bago Branch Drain and Western Mir Main Drain.

MONSOON 2020:Secretary irrigation said that the monsoon 2020 rains emerged at the end of 3rd week of August 2020. The pattern of rainfall was severe in the districts of Mirpurkhas, Tando Muhammad Khan and Badin. However, the rainfall in the Sanghar district was high. Due to concentrated rainfall in the catchments of South-East Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Umerkot have given high rise in the Spinal Drain below RD 297, the outfall points of Mirpurkhas Main Drain and Dhoro Puran, and at RD 261, the Hakro Dhoro outfall. The three main breaches occurred in the Spinal at RD 287, 286 and 283. Several other breaches occurred in the branch and sub-drains.

Short Term steps: Post monsoon 2020, the short-term works required to the LBOD Drainage Networks would be repair of breaches, rain cuts, relief cuts, restoration of depressed portions bring the system in pre-monsoon 2020 condition, desilting of drains, bank raising to provide sufficient freeboard, increasing waterway under structures, and riveting with stone pitching.

Replacement of damaged structures, construction of additional spans of structures, construction of siphons / underpasses and construction of additional drains in severely affected areas 

Long-term: Under Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project (WSIP-I) a Regional Plan for the Left Bank Of Indus, Delta and Coastal Zone Revival of Natural Waterways (Dhoras) to drain out Storm Water was prepared for Rs. 43.565 billion.

The objective of the proposed study was to drain storm water from left over areas, to release pressure from LBOD and Badin area, to save villages and other settlements, to save lives, property, and livestock, to save cropped areas and to use storm water for other purposes.

Secretary Irrigation said that with the disposal of water from 400,000 acres various small villages had also been cleared. At this the Chief Minister directed the irrigation department to clear the remaining areas within the next 15 days. He added that repair and remodeling of LBOD, spinal drains were inevitable to save Mirpurkhas and Badin from inundation.

Mirpurkhas: Minister for Rehabilitation Sarfraz Dero said that 31138 villages and 76,438 households were affected, 22173 katcha and pacca houses were partially damaged and 7640 katcha and pacca houses completely damaged, eight persons died, 13 injured, 4189 persons were shifted to 39 camps.

In Mirpur district 400 blankets, six dewatering pumps, 1600 jerry cans, 75 life Jackets, 43400 mosquito nets, 27,395 ration bags, four Rescue boats, 13639 tents and 10,000 water bottles have been distributed.

Sanghar: In Sanghar133,081 people were affected in 2406 people, 14460 houses partially and 16959 houses completely damaged nine people died, 11 injured, 52091 cattle perished and 8547 persons shifted in three camps.

In Sanghar 700 animal mosquito nets, 2000 blankets, 14 dewatering machines, five hospital tents, 500 kitchen sets, 20,000 mosquito nets, 21272 ration bags, 16031 tents and 500 water coolers have been distributed.

Umerkot:The Chief Minister was told that 137,753 household in 3305 villages were badly affected, 54047 katcha and pacca houses completely and 83706 houses partially damaged, seven people died, one injured, 4608 cattle perished and 91,757 affected persons were shifted to 88 camps established in the district.

In Umerkot 2000 blankets, 12 dewatering pumps, 25,000 mosquito nets, 26776 ration bags, two rescue boats, 12099 tents and 730 water coolers have been given to the affected people.

Tharparkar: In Tharparkar 42082 people were affected in 1223 villages, 16442 houses partially and 19710 completely damaged, 18 persons injured and 14 cattle perished.

In Tharparkar 2400 blankets, 14 dewatering pumps, 1500 pips for dewatering pumps, 400 kitchen sets, 10100 mosquito nets, 23750 ration bags, 5466 tents and 300 water coolers have been distributed.

Badin: The minister said that 242,460 population was affected, 27793 houses damaged partially and 15271 completely, 12 persons died, one injured, 4079 cattle perished and 101 cattle perished.

In the district 2000 animal mosquito nets, 500 blanks, 14 dewatering pumps, 2000 jerry cans, 50 life jackets, 20,000 mosquito nets, 32,200 ration bags, 11729 tents have been distributed.

Sujawal: In Sujawal 8984 people were affected in 1056 villages, 6101 houses partially and 3596 completely damaged.

In the district 18 dewatering pumps, 8500 mosquito nets, 6112 ration bags and 7283 tents have been distributed.

Tando Mohammad Khan: In Tando Mohammad Khan 42082 people were affected in 1223 villages, 16442 houses partially and 19710 completely damaged, 18 persons injured and 14 cattle perished. 

In the district, four dewatering pumps, 300 kitchen sets, 8500 mosquito nets, 6012 ration bags and 7283 tents have been provided.

In this way 561,888 households in 15051 villages have been affected and their 112948 houses have completely and 168493 partially damaged. 51 persons died, 82 injured and 61797 cattle perished. 106,109 persons have been shifted to 207 camps

Chinese govt donates Rs25m for rain affected people

A delegation of China led by Consul General Mr Li Bijian called on Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah here at CM House and donated Rs25 million for relief of rain affected people of the province.

The delegation expressed profound grief on the losses of life and property. They assured the Chief Minister that the Chinese government would also help the affected growers.

The Chief Minister thanked the Chinese government for their support. He recalled the Chinese aid and support during 2010 and 2011 floods.