Loadshedding has become the most serious problem of Pakistan today. Every year, especially during the summer season, this unfortunate nation bears with the unending cycle of power cuts that can stretch up to 15 or even 20 hours a day in some parts of the country. That has a most profound impact on peoples life routine making the entire nation irritable and aggressive. We require both short term and long term strategies to get out of this horrendous crisis. The following short term strategy is recommended: 1. A crackdown should immediately be started against all those units which are using electricity through illegal means i.e. through a Kunda system. 2. It is often observed that officials of the KESC/WAPDA are in collusion with the consumers in allowing them to use electricity through illegal means i. e. through tampering of meters, etc. In return, they charge a fixed 'monthly from them. Such black sheep in the departments should be dealt with severely. 3. Through a media campaign, consumers should be encouraged to use energy-savers instead of bulbs or tube-lights. 4. It is the moral responsibility of consumers not to make excessive use of electricity in their houses/commercial units in peak hours of the summer season. They should use their electric appliances as and when they really feel the need for the same. 5. The government of Iran has already offered Pakistan cheap electricity from their generation. Our government should seriously consider the offer in view of the unbearable suffering of our people owing to electricity shortages. -ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, April 22.