Lahore - MAHPARA LIAQAT - Fashion is a popular style or practice especially in clothing, cosmetics, accessories, body piercing or furniture. It becomes important in our life. It changes our life. What is fashion? Is it become necessity of our life? Fashion actually related to dress but also related to manner and ways of behaviour.  Trendy and stylish cell phones have become a part of fashion. Fashion teaches us how to live a comfortable life and it changes our lifestyle. Fashion industry is a product of modern age. In Pakistan fashion industry become popular and it earns millions every day. Short shirt with trousers is a fashion. The concept of fashion comes from Western and Indian society.  The media plays a significant role when it comes to fashion. It becomes necessity of our life. It develop the sense in our mind that what we have to wear to look beautiful. Fashion work as very powerful tool in society it reflects change, progress, prosperity and advancement. Fashion blogging and YouTube videos has become a major outlet for spreading trends and fashion tips.  I think fashion is a curse. It destroyed the life of our youth. Every girl wanted to become model. Students who are going to college and universities they did not give proper attention to their studies they are busy to buy new products and cell phones which are in common use. We are away from our culture. We have adopted the western culture wear short shirt without sleeves and tight jeans and pants through which our body exposes. We did not know what is our national dress we just wear vulgar dress in which we are exposing the body parts.

Now we are become the status conscious we wear different brands we hardly help the needy people. Our society did not like those people who cannot wear brands. We are also the part of such society. The people who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes people did not like them. We did not what is right or wrong which clothes we have to wear or which suit us. It is wastage of money we compete with one another buy new clothes of different brands which are useful just one time we wear then we did not touch them again.