MAKKAH - Sara Omar, paternal grandmother of US President Barack Obama, is currently in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with her son Saeed Obama, uncle of President Obama and her grandson Mousa Obama.

Sara Obama after performing Umrah, has attended an exhibition about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Makkah and said it reflects the moderate teachings of Islam that calls for tolerance and rejects violence, ArabianBusiness, reported. “I am very happy to visit this exhibition, which is a good example for the propagation of Islam in a modern way, supported by scientific and authentic documents.” Omer, believed to be about 94 years old also expressed hope that the exhibition would visit other countries with the support of the Saudi government with the intention of removing the misinterpretation about the divine religion. She highly praised the Saudi government’s $21 billion expansion of the Grand Mosque. While Obama’s grandmother and some other family members are Muslim, he describes himself as Christian.