ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Osman Saifullah may lose his Senate seat for concealing his offshore companies in his assets details submitted with the Election Commission Pakistan (ECP), The Nation has learnt.

The ECP released assets of senators on Friday last wherein Osman Saifullah in his assets list showed the immovable property, including open plots, houses, apartments, under-construction property and agriculture land etc worth Rs270 million. He mentioned the moveable property, including 1/5th shares in 2nd floor of Kalsum Plaza Islamabad and house at Bannu (gifted by JSK). He gave assets details of his wife Shirine Osman S Khan worth Rs244 million. He did not disclose his assets in foreign in his details.

According to the International Consortium of Investigation Journalism (ICIJ) website, a majority of Pakistanis figuring in Panama leaks were businessmen, the politico-business Saifullah family of Lakki Marwat stays on top of the list with a record number of 34 offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Seychelles owned by Senator Osman Saifullah, Anwar Saifullah, Salim Saifullah, Humayun Saifullah, Dr Iqbal Saifullah, Javed Saifullah and Jehangir Saifullah. Bank accounts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland and property in UK are owned by these companies, it was further revealed in the leaks. Senator Osman Saifullah is also a member of the Tax Reform Commission set up by the government to check revenue leakage, broaden the revenue base and improve tax administration.

When The Nation contacted, Senator Osman said that the he had issued his version on the floor of the house on Wednesday last. He also said through a statement issued on April 11, 2016, soon after the disclosures of Panama Leaks that being a senator he always sought to maintain the highest standards in my personal and professional conduct. He said he has remained amongst top five highest tax paying senators. The only public funds he has received as a senator were Rs10 million in 2012/13 and this entire amount was given to PIMS for expansion of its emergency department. He said: “With the reference to the offshore companies’ leak I look forward to presenting facts at the appropriate forum. I am confident that my name will be cleared Inshallah.” He also said: “I would like to reiterate my commitment to my country. Our nation’s most precious asset is its children. I am committed to making Pakistan a better place for the millions of children that live in our country and see for themselves a better future here. It is for them that I am doing the job that I do, even I am doing it imperfectly.”

While addressing on the floor of the house on last Wednesday Senator Osman Saifullah Khan said: “I want to confirm that I never had 34 offshore companies.” He urged the government to start investigations at the earliest to address the issue once and for all. He said this while asking for restrain to those who level allegations unless there is an investigation.

Talking to The Nation former Secretary Election Commission Kanwar Dilshad said that Senator Osman Saifullah did not show the details of his offshore assets in the ECP list. He said the ECP can take action against him under the section 42 of the Representation of People Act-1976. The ECP can even send him to jail for three years and disqualify him from his seat under the section 82-A if his offshore properties are proved.

He mentioned that the Article 65 can also be imposed on him because every legislator also makes a pledge that he would not conceive facts during his oath as member of the parliament. He added that article 62 can also be invoked against him as he does not remain ‘sadiq’ and ‘amin’ if these assets are confirmed.