LOS ANGELES - Kendall Jenner has submitted plans to remodel her home. The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star wants to redesign the kitchen and bathrooms in her Beverly Hills mansion as well as remove and replace the fireplace and put a new roof on the house, TMZ reports. Kendall bought the house last summer for $8.55 million and its previous owner was Charlie Sheen. It is not known whether Kendall is remodelling the house for herself to live in or she wants to sell the house on for a profit. And it is not only in real estate that Kendall is making changes as the 22-year-old model was recently seen getting close to Diplo. A source said of their Coachella flirting: ‘’Kendall and Diplo were super-flirty at the party. There was lots of touching and some extended hugging. They both appeared to be comfortable and familiar in each other’s company and hanging off everything the other ­person said. Diplo was ­stroking her arm. ‘’They were in great spirits. Kendall was toasting the launch of her show on Apple Music radio station Beats 1 while Diplo did a DJ set. It was the talk of the bash.


 Everyone ­wondered whether there could be something more going on between them. Kendall has a lot of male interest and isn’t keen to be tied down in a serious relationship. Diplo is an extremely eligible catch and she seemed very ­flattered at the attention he was showing her.’’

Kendall was previously dating Blake Griffin, who she had reportedly ‘’grown apart’’ from after Blake chose to move to Detroit.