CHINIOT - A PML-N lawmaker led a protest rally arranged by the Sunni Action Committee against the firing on and desecration of a mosque. He also demanded arrest of the perpetrators and suspension of the district police officer, threatening to resign if the demands were not met within 48 hours.The rally started from Masjid Siddiq Akbar at about 10 am and reached Khatme Nabuat Chowk where the protesters staged a sit-in.  By virtue of the sit-in, traffic from four highways remained blocked and long queues were witnessed on all major roads connecting Chiniot to other cities. Addressing the protest camp, MPA Maulana Ilyas Chinioti, Maulana Abdul Waris, Tariq Dar, Qari Yamin Gohar, Haji Jameel Fakhri and Qari Ayub Chinioti blasted the firing at Jamia Masjid Siddiq Akbar on August 7 which led to sectarian tension in the city. They demanded arrest of the culprits who shot at the mosque; release of the youth who just gathered at the mosque for prayers; termination of services and arrest of the cops who entered the mosque with shoes; closure of terrorist camps of a particular sect at Kulia Ahle Bait, Pak Polytechnic Institute, Jamia Baasat Rajoa; and suspension of the DPO for allegedly supporting one particular sect. They warned to expand the movement to other parts of the country if their demands were not met. Later, they offered Zohr Prayers at the chowk. Traffic remained suspended for about 4 hours while the police made security arrangements. DPO Rana Shahzad Akbar could not be contacted for comments.