The Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEGP) organized a “Media Awareness and Market Outreach Event” for its activity titled ‘Destination Investment and Management Plans (DIMPs)’ on Monday, 24th August in Lahore. PTEGP is a World Bank funded project which is supporting the management and development of both existing and new tourist destinations across Punjab, including Bahawalpur District; Rohtas Fort (Jhelum District), Chakwal District; and Kotli Sattian and Narr (Rawalpindi District).

The project encompasses activities along the entire tourism value chain and is helping the Government of Punjab (GoPb in identifying opportunities for job creation and income generation.

Development of DIMPs will help secure participation of and investment from the private sector for better tourist facilities and protection of environment, and preservation of natural and heritage tourism assets.

The DIMPs will also translate relevant international practices into actionable items including; (i) strengthening of the institutional setup, and regulatory framework; (ii) tourist friendly infrastructure; and (iii) implementing preventive measures to protect visitors, workers, transporters and communities from COVID-19.

The event was well attended by representatives of more than 30 local and international firms. GoPb officials including Secretary Planning & Development Board (P&D) and Secretary Tourism Department were also present at the occasion.

“Punjab is home to numerous religious and heritage sites reflecting the diverse and pluralistic tradition of the Indus Valley. It is PTEG’s vision to help the province better plan and manage its tourist spots and offer a memorable tourism experience to domestic and international visitors.” said Project Manager, PTEGP, who gave a presentation highlighting the tourism potential of the province and explaining the scope and context of DIMPs.

In his remarks, Secretary P&D highlighted the importance of tourism and laid out Punjab’s vision to establish effective and efficient visitor management systems and public infrastructure facilities through active participation of the private sector.

Secretary Tourism said that in order to realize the true potential of the region, it is crucial that the private sector collaborates with the government to develop plans for sustainable destination management.

The firms showed considerable interest in the activity and had several queries which were addressed during the event. The entire program was also streamed live for international audience. The expected completion date for these DIMPs is April 2021.

PTEG is also going to launch installation of 800 reflective signboards at tourist destinations across Punjab in addition to strengthening the product offering of the province by implementing museum management plans in Lahore and Taxila.