Some days ago, I went to Mianwali from Rawalpindi by road and saw on my way the newly-built educational institution of Numl College that is a gift of Imran Khan to this area. Numl is, actually, the name of a lake that flows on the side of the college building. The institution has been named after this lake. The building looked really eye-catching from a distance because of it being in such a deserted and remote area of Punjab. It has been built at a geographically strategic location from where a series of barren hills either start or end. The traffic flows at a snail's pace here to accommodate the vehicles on both sides because of natural and dangerous ascent and descent as well as many a curves. Imran Khan has really made a name for himself by constructing the Numl College at such a remote place. Let's build new cities as old ones we have are getting exhausted, dirty and overcrowded. We need a new city in the foothills on this Numl Lake. If no body steps forward to build a city here, Imran Khan should personally make an effort to build one. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, December 23.