ISLAMABAD " An anti-Sharifs lawyer Monday presented a set of DVDs before the Supreme Court of Pakistan claiming it contained those speeches of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif in which they had brought disrespect and disrepute to the superior judiciary. A three-judge bench of apex court, which is seized with the hearing of a set of appeals regarding the eligibility of PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif has summoned Attorney General Latif Khosa for today as the hearing of this vital political and constitutional case has entered into its last leg. While presenting the DVDs before the court, Advocate Ahmad Raza Kasuri, who is counsel for Syed Khurram Shah, one of the objectors on eligibility of Sharif brothers, urged the bench to declare both Nawaz and Shahbaz disqualified to hold a public office. The bench hearing the issue comprises Justice Moosa K Leghari, Justice Sakhi Hassan Bukhari and Justice Sheikh Hakim Ali. This bench is hearing appeals arising out of a Lahore High Court ruling of June 23 last year that disqualified the elder Sharif and referred the issue of eligibility of Shahbaz Sharif back to Election Commission while conditionally allowing the former to work as Chief Minister of Punjab till the final disposal of the controversy. An application seeking formation of a larger bench, comprising those judges who had not taken oath under the second PCO of the former President Musharraf, to decide the Sharif brothers' case, is also before the bench. It also asks the present bench to recuse from adjudicating upon the issue, which attracts greater political and constitutional importance. Both the Sharif brothers are boycotting court proceedings in accordance with their stance that they do not acknowledge those judges who had taken oath under Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) of President Musharraf on November 3, 2007 but federation and other parties have filed appeals before the apex court in the defence of PML-N top guns. Seeking dismissal of these appeals during yesterday's hearing, Advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri argued that both the Sharif brothers were ineligible to hold a public office in view of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution as being previously convicted, defaulter of public money and bringing disrespect to the members of superior judiciary while calling them 'PCO judges'. Noting the unavailability of DVD player in the courtroom, the bench asked Kasuri to read out the contents of the speeches presented before the court in DVDs. Subsequently, the counsel read out the transcripts of speeches of both PML-N top guns besides producing newspapers also carrying similar statements of Sharifs against those judges who had taken oath under PCO in the wake of November 3, 2007. Advocate Kasuri also asked the apex court to dislodge a plea for an appropriate bench while submitting that such a plea was raised without any justification and was actually an attempt to divide the superior judiciary under political influence. The counsel also alleged that pre-November 3, 2007 judiciary was actually acting on the verge of judicial activism and the same influence led to collision between the judiciary and the executive. Kasuri also submitted that the present bench was fully authorized under the law to decide the case before it and there was no issue of bias as alleged by the lawyers of some of the appellants. During the course of arguments, Kasuri came down hard on Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in particular and stated that the latter was a loan defaulter besides being guilty of defaming the superior judiciary. He also argued that the actual spirit of electoral rules was to stop dishonest and ineligible people from entering into Parliament. During his full day arguments, Kasuri kept on insisting that the appeals before the bench in favour of Sharif brothers were liable to be dismissed. He was still on his legs when the bench arose for the day while putting off the hearing till today (Tuesday). But before rising of the court, Justice Moosa K Leghari directed the government lawyers to make sure the presence of Attorney General for Pakistan, Latif Khosa before the court when it would assemble again today. Khosa is already on notice in this case but was not present before the court yesterday. As the hearing of this important political and constitutional case has almost entered into its last leg, the apex court is likely to hand down its verdict during this week. Legal experts are also seeing the summoning of Attorney General in today's proceedings as a special development in the case which is before the apex court for the last more than six months.