PESHAWAR (AFP) - A tribal militia organised the public execution of a tribesman after pronouncing him guilty of double murder at a self-styled religious court, tribesmen said Tuesday. The execution took place in the Tirah Valley of Khyber, which straddles a main supply route for US and NATO soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Members of the local militia Lashkar-e-Islam captured tribesman Younas Khan in late September, accusing him of killing two cousins in a family row. Younas confessed to killing his two cousins, a local tribesman told AFP by telephone from Bara. Yesterday, he was shot dead according to Sharia law, he added. Hundreds of tribesmen gathered to watch the execution, tribal elders said, which took place in the same area under the control of militants where a bomb attack killed 20 people in a cattle market last week. He was killed according to the law of retaliation, blood for blood, a tribal elder said. A relative of the two murdered cousins shot dead the tribesman at the invitation of Lashkar-e-Islam on Monday, another tribal elder told AFP.