Sialkot-Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Media Development Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that political workers are valuable asset of the party and PTI cannot leave them in lurch.

She said they should not feel discouraged because Prime Minister Imran Khan has made plan to elevate status of party workers.

Talking to newsmen here on Sunday, Firdous said the government was in strong hands. She said when PTI government took charge the national kitty was empty. Former rulers looted the national wealth mercilessly and made country bankrupt. She said Imran Khan, his team and his allies made Pakistan strong. Firdous said every government secured loans from other monetary institutions so if present government had got loans it was not a strange matter. She said Pakistan’s image had improved during present regime and anybody could see the PTI government was successful to control terrorism. She said the cricket matches being played under PSL and foreign investors were doing investment in Pakistan. Various countries had undertaken joint ventures with traders of Pakistan.

She said if Bilawal and other leaders of Opposition parties were ready to hold any march or launch any movement against government, their all marches and movements will fail because nation had already seen role of these parties in past.

Firous said if opposition started any march or movement against corruption and looters of national exchequer, the government will support them. She said there was no danger of coronavirus in Pakistan. She said number of people catching disease in China was going down.

She added government of Pakistan fully supported China during outbreak of coronavirus disease. President of China thanked Government of Pakistan for its support in difficult time, she maintained.

She said all people should try to protect their lives from coronavirus and other diseases. She said people must cooperate with teams administering anti-polio drops and must get their kids with five years of age or less vaccinated against polio disease. She said a dose of vaccine of polio to children less than 5 could protect future of the country.

Firdous said Sialkot was an export-oriented city and development of this city was very important. Prime Minister Imran Khan is also taking interest to develop Sialkot. She said Prime Minister Imran Khan was reforming the country into a ‘Naya Pakistan’ and his efforts will bear fruits. She said the dream of prime minister for a “Naya Pakistan” will come true and people of this country will fully enjoy good and peaceful atmosphere.

The special assistant said that the people will get better livelihood and will prosper because the time had come to fulfill promises made by prime minister during his election campaign.

She said opponents will have to lick the dust because the present government was working will national spirit.

She said Bilawal knew reality of Nawaz Sharif and alliance of People’s Party and PML-N was not benefit public. She said Bilawal and Asif Zardari were issuing separate statements. Firdous said media was quite curious to know platelet count of Nawaz Sharif. She said Allah restored health of Nawaz Sahrif and Shahbaz Sharif should return Pakistan because opposition chamber was waiting for him. She said People’s Party government was jeopardizing Sindh. She said the present government was standing by Kashmiris and fully supporting Kashmiri women which protested in Shaheen Bagh in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. She said that protest by said women was against black laws of Modi government.