The Dera Ghazi Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DGKCCI) has expressed concern over the closure of regional office National Bank of Pakistan and its merger with that of DI Khan, terming it an unjustified decision. He vehemently demanded immediate withdrawal of the decision.

In a statement issued here on Friday, DGKCCI President Mohammad Anees Khawja said that it was very surprising that the top management of NBP took such a strange decision that held no solid ground and logic, other than disturbing business of the bank and creating much more inconvenience for its over one million account holders and the poor elderly pensioners of the region.

He said that the bank with its regional office located in DG Khan city was not only fulfilling its set targets but also earning profit by facilitating the local communities.

He said that its merger with the regional office DI Khan in KPK with strength of even 30 branches was much more surprising while the number of operational branches in DG Khan region was above 50.

He pointed out that comprising four districts with total population of around 10 million where there number of the cotton factories was highest within Southern Punjab besides cement factory, tractor factory, oil and gas plant refinery, power plants and other industries were located reflected that it possessed vast potential for the business of the banks as well.

He demanded that existing regional office of NBP should be restored keeping in view the services being rendered to the poor pensioners and business community for the better interests of the poverty stricken belt.