Currently there are two eyesores for America: Iran and North Korea. America has warned the world that if Iran became a nuclear power, the world's security would be endangered. Likewise, if North Korea became a nuclear power, the world's peace would be destroyed. Thus Iran and North Korea are potential destroyers of the global peace. The world peace is possible only if both Iran and North Korea are subjected to atomic abortion. Let's accept the American allegation that Iran and North Korea are atomically pregnant. But there are some other countries which have already given birth to atomic babies. And they are looking after the babies like passionate mothers. For example, France is a nuclear mother. Britain is a nuclear mother. China is a nuclear mother. Russia is a nuclear mother. And America herself is a prolific mother etc. America believes that if any of these nuclear powers were to drop nuclear bombs on any country, the droppings would be exclusively for the country's prosperity. But if Iran or North Korea dropped the bombs on any country, the dropping would have the destruction of the entire world as its objective. According to America, there are two brands of atomic bombs: the bombs which are at the disposal of the permanent members of the Security Council and the bombs which Iran and North Korea are tying to create. According to America, the bombs of the Permanent Members are innocent bombs. They are a guarantee of world prosperity. But the Iranian and North Korean bombs would be a guarantee of world destruction. During the Second World War, America dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Millions of innocent civilians were massacred. Millions others were permanently disabled. The mammoth human destruction laid the foundations of Japan-American friendship. The friendship has been flourishing unabated. Japan is grateful to the bombs. They gifted to her America's invaluable friendship. According to America, by trying to create atomic weapons, Iran and North Korea are committing crimes against humanity. But the countries which have already got atomic weapons are innocent creatures. A country is criminal only when it is in the process of creating bombs. But when it has created bombs, its criminality is transmuted into a service for humanity. America has very simple atomic-bomb ethics. According to this ethics, a country which is trying to create atomic weapons must be mercilessly lambasted. But if it succeeds, America should let its tongue rest. Let America warn. Iran and North Korea need not worry. The day they successfully breed atomic weapons, American's threats would die of heart failure. And they would triumphantly join the countries which are already atomic powers. America is currently entangled in three imbroglios: Osama, Iran and North Korea. Since George Bush failed to kill Osama, Osama killed Bush politically. President Obama has learnt nothing from Bush's political death. In order to destroy Osama, Obama has been destroying Afghanistan. Most probably, he wouldn't succeed. But the destruction of Afghanistan would be a great compensation. If by the end of the first year of his presidency Obama failed to hook Osama, Osama's adorers might celebrate Obama's humiliation at the international level. America's atomic attitude at the international level is a funny affair. If a country wants to become a nuclear power, America is furious. But if it does become a nuclear power, American fury goes to sleep. It all sounds like a political play-acting. The destruction which America inflicted on Japan is unparalleled in human history. Let alone human history, even all the natural disasters which have so far hit various parts of the globe must be feeling ashamed of their poor performance as compared with the performance of America in Japan. In most of the countries, poverty and diseases are voraciously eating huge numbers of miserable masses. In a new countries, immense amounts of money are being gorged by the atomic weapons. The victims of poverty and diseases are miserably looking at the atomic powers. If the money which atomic weapons are consuming was used for ridding the world of its poverty and diseases, the world would overnight become a paradise. But man cannot get rid of his inhumanity. Man is fed-up with himself. He wants to be extinct. He has discovered the means. He has created atomic weapons. Let there be a global atomic war. The world would be rid of human nuisance forever. If man were to become extinct, would the world miss man? There was a time when there was no such thing as man. The world enjoyed a problem-free living. Then came man. He brought with him an oceanful of miseries. The most horrific misery was the atomic bomb. The writer is an academic