RAHIM YAR KHAN-The main Rajput clan of the district has been divided into two groups as either of the two announced its support to the PTI in NA-179, PP-262 and PP-263 constituencies.

Earlier, former PTI ticketholder of PP-262 Rana Masood Majeed Khan announced his support to the PML-N candidates in the same areas on the refusal of PTI ticket. Recently, another elder of the clan Rana Talat Mehmood invited hundreds of his clan personalities at his residence and announced his support to the PTI candidates.

Masood, a British national, started Jamhori Rajput Federation some 12 years ago from his home town Ahmedpur Lama near Sadiqabad. He united the scattered personalities of Rajput clan in the district to play a significant role in any elections. He ran his federation successfully for three years but when he supported A Pakistan Muslim League candidate in 2008 elections, its federation became weak.

Later, he joined PTI in 2011 and after surrendering the UK nationality and contested the 2013 elections from PP-262. Recently, he was expecting PTI ticket for PP-262 but the party issued the ticket to Asif Majeed. As a result, Masood announced the support of his clan for the PML-N at a gathering in Noor-e-Wali locality. Masood claims that the total population of his clan in RYK city is almost 100,000 and there are some 30,000 voters.

On the other hand, Rana Talat called a big gathering of Rajput clan on Saturday. In that meeting all the participants of Rajput clan unanimously announced their support for the PTI candidates in NA-179, PP-262 and PP-263.

Rana Talat said that the Rajput population was at third number after Arain and Jutt clans in the district and the maximum voters will not only support the PTI candidates but also vote for them in the constituencies.