Now-a-days, many motorcades of Land Cruisers followed by Vigos which are fully loaded with private guards and their guns along with two or three 1300cc cars, is jaunting in different parts of the country, particularly in suburban and rural areas where these are clearly observant.  

These are not the caravans of alien species that people might be thinking that arrived from another planets but these are the same so-called Netas and Mantris(in hindi), commonly known ex-MNAs and ex-ministers in our native language who were either invisible or in dormant phase of their life for last five years. They are the people who are appearing in their constituencies only during their election days and their aims are confined only to another triumph in general election which would maintain their sway and dominion again. 

Does this suit to our politicians, who are already unfamous, immoral, corrupt, and notorious for their violent outbursts? Does this lavish style, for searching of innocent peoples’ votes, fit them? 

Contrarily, the progressive and developed nations are those who have humbled and submissive leaders. Instead of intimidating the people, a true foreman is one whose appeal for votes is reflected in their past conducts. 

Would that our pipe dream of embracing leaders in their perfection were true soon! 


Shikarpur, July 5.