KARACHI - Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) Convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Monday stated that pro-Pakistan people struggled a lot for the independence of Pakistan but unfortunately the most of people in country were still living by the side of slavery mindset.  Siddiqui stated that while addressing a public gathering at Liaquatabad Flyover. MQM‘s senior Deputy Convener Amir Khan, Deputy convener Kanwar Naveed Jameel, Coordination Committee members Faisal Sabzwari, Khawaja Izharul Hassan, Ameenul Haq, and senior leader Dr Farooq Sattar were also present on the occasion.

“We are the real image of independence and would change the destiny of Pakistan if given opportunity. We gave sacrifices for formation of country and now again on the front line to save Pakistan,” Siddiqui added.

MQM-Pakistan had complained of running the election campaign tied hands and at the election electioneering conclusion staged a massive gathering in the locality of the Liaquatabad Karachi. MQM leadership earlier threatening to boycott July 25 polls came up with the stance that the democratic party that holds the 85 per cent for the last 35 years in Karachi was not given free space to run campaign.

Speaking on the occasion, Siddiqui said that MQM manifesto only reflects the impression of saving our homeland-Pakistan. “Our forefathers when entered this land it instantly turned into Pakistan from Hindustan. Mohajirs gave a lot for Pakistan and now they would not allow anyone to distribute certificate of loyalty. After creation of country only Mohajirs have the right to declare the loyalty of everyone,” said MQM convener.

He said that Pakistan was established with a vision that it would a state where every community was allowed to live life independently but unfortunately since long country had remained in the rule of the people who obey foreign lords. Siddiqui said that situation in past remained worse for Mohaiirs and its continuity had increased our miseries but were not going to halt our movement at any cost. People thinking of defeating MQM by placing unannounced ban party would receive the reply on election day.  

MQM-Pakistan would mark marvellous victory in July 25 polls and it would prove that MQM-Pakistan leadership on August 22, 2016 took right decision, claimed Dr Farooq Sattar during his speech. On Election Day MQM would be celebrating victory leaving the opponents making cries and woes. We were actually highlighting the sacrifices and work of the Mohajir community for Pakistan in general election 2018 and hopefully we would get independence from Black-Britain, added Sattar.

He further said that Karachi hold importance and the city need to be strengthening in every field. Developed and progressing Karachi is the only way to bring Pakistan out of hot waters, he suggested.

Sattar said that efforts were in progress the snatch MQM‘s mandate and if the process is not halted then it would be taken as a conspiracy against Pakistan.

Speaking to participants of the public gathering, MQM Senior Deputy Convener Amir Khan said that time had arrived to reply rock-hard answer to the injustice being done with the resident of Karachi since decades. The political seeking victory from Karachi turf kept silent when about more than half population counts were shown less in the census. If you-opponents claim to resolve Karachi‘s issue than you should know that Karachi need powers and a scheme to run the affairs independently, he added.

Amir further said that number of seat might have been reached 88 if the true population was shown in census but the PPP who had ruled the province never wanted the progress of Karachi. Karachi existence depends on the fair distribution of resources. We should learn how megacity were being ran across the world even in neighboring country India, Port City-Mumbai transmitted a budget of 100billions, stressed MQM Senior deputy convener.

He said that in KPK province and Baluchistan amnesty scheme was launched to bring the terrorists in National loop but unfortunately no proposal was announced for Urban Sindh to bring the youth in National loop. The people of Urban Sindh would not have raised the voice for formation of province in Sindh if Karachi was given its due right; he said and demanded formation of the new provinces in country.

Criticising PSP, he said those were claiming to bury MQM were living in fool paradise. The private party-PSP is group that ruined the city by carrying out china cutting in Karachi and now wants to conquer Karachi with the support of unseen forces.

At the time of the election it has become a trend that opponent starts prediction about MQM as the politics of middle class party has reached its end, but the results of every poll had affirmed that MQM had strengthened more, said MQM Deputy Convener Kanwar Naveed Jameel while addressing participants.

Extrajudicial killing, arrest of party workers and leaders, demolishing and closure of party offices can never end the ideological chapter of the MQM. Some leaders were being projected as super hero along with the impression that they would brought a revolutionary change in port city but have they ever visited Karachi before general election to bring out the citizen from crisis, said Naveed while criticising PTI chairman Imran Khan. “July 25 results would be announcement that Karachi belongs to MQM-Pakistan”, he concluded. 

Fasial Sabzwari while giving an introduction of MQM-P‘s candidates fielded for July 25 polls said that the massive participation of the Karachiites in today public gathering is a reply to the people those claimed that MQM chapter is over. Raising question over the recent delimitation Karachi constituencies, Sabzwari said that efforts were made to the dent the MQM vote bank by carrying out illogical and desired delimitation. Without naming Kamal‘s led Pak Sarzameen Party, he said that new formed party used to threaten MQM workers and supporters.

MQM leaders Kishwar Zehra also spoke on the occasion.