Mohsin Abbas Haider has been the talk of the town for the last few days. The “Meri Guriya” star was accused of domestic abuse by his wife Fatema Sohail.

The police have registered a first information report (FIR) against Haider on the behalf of Sohail. The FIR includes charges of domestic violence and violation of trust. But the Police omitted the cheating accusation and did not include Haider’s extra-marital affair with Nazish Jehangir in the report.

Fatema Sohail had accused Haider of cheating on her with another woman and hitting her while she was three months pregnant with their son. He demanded a huge sum of 5M from her, that also for the second time, and upon her refusal, she was physically and verbally assaulted by Haider.

Sohail, in her petition, said that Haider even brought the woman home while he was drunk. The proofs of her claim, according to Sohail, lie with Karachi’s Defence Police.

Apart from this, Dunya TV has also announced its disassociation from Mohsin Abbas Haider, where worked as a DJ for the popular TV show, Mazaaq Raat.

The “Mazaaq Raat” management team says that Haider will not be allowed to work until he is proven innocent by the court. The administration of the channel had to take a decision, as quite a handful of people were displeased by Haider’s actions. Furthermore, there were various protests and voices raised against the culprit.


This only raises one question, that will Mohsin be able to prove his innocence?