MOHMAND - After fourteen days of sit-in protest in Mohmand district, the for­mer governor Shaukatul­lah Khan held successful talks with the local trib­al elders and announced to keep Peshawar-Bajaur Highway open till the fifth day of Eid-ul-Azha.

Addressing the protest­ing tribesmen, Shaukat­ullah Khan said the sit-in would continue till ac­ceptance of their demand to release salaries. He said tribesmen were true Pakistanis. He said after the merger, the govern­ment should start uplift projects in the tribal dis­tricts  instead of imposing various types of taxes.

He said procedures should be worked out in consultation with all par­liamentarians belong­ing to merged districts to solve the problems of the Mohmand tribesmen. He urged the government to immediately release the special Khassadars sala­ries of the prominent el­ders of Mohmand district.

It was announced that on the sixth day of Eid sit-in protest would be resumed.