It goes without saying that the U.S. constitution has been relentlessly criticized for its second amendment rights in view of the recent mass shootings. What started off as an epidemic four years ago in Sandy Hook, Connecticut enabled a dozen others to perpetrate domestic terrorism and hate crimes. On June 12th, 2016, the LGBT Orlando Nightclub was attacked by an American Muslim citizen, Omar Matin who shot dead 49 people and injured 53 others. Given the current disposition of the U.S., domestic terrorism has become a norm and eradicating it will be a problem in the long run owing to the second amendment rights of the U.S. constitution. 

The right to bear arms is subject to a controversial debate in the U.S. and continues to affect the society at large. Linking the second amendment with the current mass shooting is incredibly important given that Omar Matin, the man responsible for carrying out such an abhorrent act of violence purchased the gun legally and committed domestic terrorism. The second amendment is often misinterpreted by many U.S. citizens. It neither allows individuals to purchase guns of all kind nor permits people to use them to harm others. The purpose of the second amendment rights was primarily to allow U.S. citizens to use certain weapons for protection and self-defense. The perpetrator of the crime, Matin pledged allegiance to ISIS before committing the mass murder. I, for one believe that it is time that the U.S. government re-writes the second amendment of the constitution.

The current Republican nominee running for the 2016 presidential elections, Donald Trump persistently blamed Hillary Clinton for being ignorant in a recent speech he gave in response to the Orlando shooting yesterday. Given his ludicrous agenda of deporting illegal immigrants including Latins, Muslims and Syrian refugees, the answer to all mass shootings ends on a crucial point; the second amendment. While the U.S. constitution clearly states to use guns for self-protection, many individuals happen to misread the second amendment. In effect, delinquency, violence and domestic terrorism are a couple offshoots of it. Although most U.S. citizens comply with the bill of rights, some individuals suffering from mental deficiencies, isolation and other causes exploit the second amendment rights to commit horrific crimes that go beyond the law.

Since mass shootings have become an epidemic in the U.S., I, for one believe that the U.S. government and NRA should step up their game and form a coalition to re-write the second amendment. Although it is impossible to do so, the NRA should make a tough choice; either allow domestic terrorism or redraft the second amendment for the well-being of America. There are many countries where guns are debarred for use and the thought of carrying a pistol is considered a no-no. The U.S. government has liberated its citizens to an extent that many individuals often misuse and exploit these liberties to get away with murder and other crimes. Hence, stricter laws and policies should be implemented to practice self-restraint and impose social control. Moreover, the second amendment of the U.S. constitution should be redefined.

The right to bear arms should no longer be an option. Unless or until these measures are not undertaken by the U.S. government, it will be nearly impossible to eradicate the norm of mass shootings.