The poor people are kicking the bucket because of the storm of unfriendly budget. The government showed the dreams of prosperity, rise, and shine and promised to remove the painful and ghastly days of the poor. Unfortunately, these promises of prosperity proved to be mere daydreams. The poor are completely shocked since they had lots of expectations from the new government. Three main challenges are faced by the poor.

First, they are deprived of their houses in the name of encroachment. Second, after the destruction of their homes, their businesses have been destroyed. The third is the latest gift of the unfriendly budget, which has broken the spinal cord of poor people. In Karachi only, more than 90 thousand houses and business shops have been destroyed.

Moreover, because of the rise in the value of the dollar, a huge reduction of 40% has been reported in the income of poor, common people. Additionally, the IMF has conditioned the government to remove its subsidizations. If the subsidy on agriculture is removed, the poor people will be deprived of vegetables, rice, wheat, fruits, and many other things used in our daily life. The poverty, unemplyment and inflation has snatched the rights of living. What to talk of education, the poor people do not have enough money to fulfill their basic necessities.

The futile and bogus promises have caused sheer amount of unrest amongst the nation. Where are the one crore jobs, 50 lac houses and promises to get back the looted amount of 200 billion dollars of the poor nation within a week? We are in a miserable condition. Therefore, authorities are requested to give some relief to common people. Let the poor breath in new Pakistan.