ISLAMABAD          -        Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser yesterday said that proceedings of the National Assembly  would be conducted strictly in accordance with the rules and procedure of the Assembly.

“Being custodian of the House, all the members are equal and respectable for me; however, any individual attempt to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the House will not be tolerated,” said Speaker National Assembly chairing a meeting of the Parliamentary Leaders held in Parliament House to consider business of the House during 22nd session (Budget) Session of the National Assembly.

The Speaker thanked all the Parliamentary parties for their cooperation for harmonious conduct of House business and hoped that the same spirit would be maintained in the future sessions of the Assembly.

The Parliamentary leaders expressed their satisfaction on the conduct of House proceedings and provision of maximum opportunity to their members to take part in general debate on budget.

It was unanimously decided to reschedule the allotment of days for the consideration of demand for grants, finance bill and supplementary grants.

According to the decision, general discussion on budget will be discussed on Thursday; grants for demands and cut motions will be discussed on Friday and Saturday, while Finance Bill will be taken up on Sunday followed by passage of supplementary grants on Monday.