MULTAN - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi disclosed on Monday that traces of foreign powers' involvement were found in attack on Sri Lanka team, and that there was much progress in the probe, being conducted in this regard. According to him, "saying something else on this issue will be premature. Let the probe be completed," he added while talking to the journalists, here. He maintained that performance of Pakistan in the War on Terror was appreciable despite scarcity of resources at its disposal. He lauded the role of Pakistani security forces with respect to maintaining peace in the area. He was of the opinion that the US is a friend of Pakistan and it wants to strengthen democracy in Pakistan. He expected visit of US Special Envoy on Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke to Pakistan in April next. He hoped that Obama administration would unveil its new strategy on NATO Summit on April 3 and 4. "We'll also present Pakistan's viewpoint on this occasion," he added. According to him, a conference of foreign ministers of Central Asia is scheduled for March 31 in Hague where he would put forward Pakistan's stance on different regional and international issues. Responding to a question on drone attacks, he stressed that he had explained Pakistan's point of view to Americans on this issue asserting such attacks benefited extremists instead of weakening them. "I've told them to adopt a local and regional approach if they want to address the issue of terrorism in this part of world. We need a comprehensive policy," he added. He said US, Europe and other countries should also take into account Pakistan's financial hazard before evolving any policy vis-a-vis terrorism. He said Pakistan needed latest technology including night vision equipment and cobra helicopters to curb terrorists.