LAHORE Punjab can save Rs 30 billion a year by officers austerity, while it can generate over Rs 50b a year through revenue reforms, according to a proposal that awaits the nod of political bosses and babus in the All Pakistan Unified Grades (APUG). Since the proposal comes from the PCS Officers Association, sources said that in view of the PCS-DMG rift, the document might not see the light, as Punjab CM has also to be convinced its doable. The Association made the proposal as an alternative to downsizing to save Rs 6.1b (maybe, one-off), said a senior DMG officer. The plan spots different heads that cost dearly, and suggests options: Senior officers use three to eight vehicles on average, with petrol from exchequer. All vehicles may also be converted to CNG from petrol. Palatial official residences come second. A former chief secretary, for instance, spent Rs 8.8 million on residence. Maximum size of houses should be one kanal; extra land may be sold. Medical bills run into millions for senior officers. Moreover, TA/DA rates must be rationalised, with ceiling for bills of offices, telephones and stationery. All non-APUG officers must be sent back to the Centre on pattern of Sindh. Over 60 are still serving in Punjab on key positions, including secretaries. Special 'Project Allowances be abolished. The commissioner Lahore, for instance, is getting Rs 384,000 as Project Director, Lahore Ring Road. All uplift projects be completed in time to save revised cost. Abandoning Lahore-Sialkot-Kharian motorway raised cost from Rs 23b to Rs 46b. Foreign trips of senior officers be seen from cost-benefit perspective. Scholarships for APUG, on two to five years leave, retaining official residences, may be rationalised. Any officer on above 120 days leave should lose posting and be placed with Establishment Division. The same should be done for those joining NIPA or National Management Course. Frequent transfers cost a lot, they be checked. Erratic postings (juniors on higher seats) may also be stopped. And, instead of renting buildings, the government should construct own. As for revenue generation, fraud and pilferage should be checked, litigation minimised, all sale deeds registered instead of being mutations, all fees must be deposited directly with banks. Lastly, pre-audit should be a must.