DERA GHAZI KHAN - Not to speak of others, even the slaughter house being run by the tehsil administration is in very bad condition due to lack of basic amenities as shortage of water, blocked sewerage and unavailability of electricity are big problems there.

It consists of two rooms, located at Kot Haibat road and distanced about 3 km from the city. Approximately Rs5 million was spent on its construction. Average slaughtering animals is 6-10 big animas and 15-25 small animals under supervision of unqualified officials. After getting illegal gratification, these officials stamp the unhealthy carcass.

Tonnes of meat is used as major element of food by the people of Dera Ghazi Khan daily but majority of them do not know where it comes from and is it healthy or not. Even they are unaware about slaughter houses’ condition and availability of veterinary doctor there.

Law and Health parameters demand that it is necessary the veterinary doctors should examine the animals before slaughtering and supervise the process. But in DG Khan City, there are neither veterinary doctors performing their duty nor district and tehsil administrations are playing any role in this regard.

Talking to The Nation, District Officer Livestock Dr Muhammad Munir admitted that often veterinary Dr Sajjad Sultan did not attend the slaughter house due to other official’s duties.  On the other hand, according to the Pakistan Slaughterhouse Act 1983, the killing of animals outside the boundary of slaughterhouses is prohibited. But in DG Khan City, with connivance of the administration, open and illegal slaughtering of animals is made by the butchers.

The TMA and livestock officials let the butchers carry on the practice by asking for monthly amount in return. Waste disposal and handling of blood, glands and intestines are not proper.

Meat produced by this way quickly deteriorates due to bacterial infections and could cause food poisoning. Due to non-inspection of slaughtering, meat from sick or parasite infected animals may well be a vector for spreading diseases, affecting human beings as well as animals, experts said.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave comprehensive guidelines on slaughtering of animals in Hadith: “Verily Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things. Thus, if you kill, kill well; and if you slaughter, slaughter well. Let each one of you sharpen his blade and let him spare suffering to the animal he slaughters”.

So, the authorities should provide Halal and healthy meat for the people.